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whatever mom *listens to what the hell by avril lavigne 1,000 times*

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So I’m pretty sure my sister is a lesbian

So the other day while my mother and I were talking we got on the subject of my sister and her interests in other people. Now let me start this off by saying that my sister is 15 years old and I know this is an experimental age for her, but as I’ve watched her grow up I’ve always had this feeling that she is attracted to the same gender. She’s just never liked guys. She’s dated a couple, but never seems to be attracted to them. The other day she asked my mother and I if we would still love her if she liked girls more than boys. Of course we are supportive and we told her that we would love her no matter who or what she wants to be with. I just don’t think she is ready to come out all the way is all. It’s kind of hard for my mother and I because we already know, but we want her to tell us on her own terms. We don’t want to force her to out herself or to make her feel uncomfortable. But how do I let her know that I’m supportive of her without imposing or stepping over her boundaries? When she asks the questions on if we will still love her, I feel like that is a small way to test the waters with us. It’s just so confusing. I’ve kind of have known that this moment would come one day, but I never thought about how to handle it…any advice???